"We believe art is about creating beauty and inspiring ideas"


It's a time of MP3s and iPods. With the album experience being drastically altered, we're standing guard!

As well as handcrafted album packaging, we also create tangible images through posters, T-shirts, invitations for special events, custom promotion packages, written publications, and web development; anything you need to warrant someone's attention. From smaller scale short-run art projects through to full-on high-volume production, we've got you covered. Everything we make always gets our full attention and concern for detail.

Audio Recording

I'm not a gear-head. Don't get me wrong, gear is important -- I just believe a great album is a documented moment in time and achieved through highlighting the human element of your story. You put that with good chemistry, an honest need to create, and give it an environment to flourish in free of inhibition...and well, that's the shit! I'm also a singer songwriter. I've been in studios where the engineer's enthusiasm was over before the ink had dried on his calendar in the holes he'd booked me to fill. You won't get that with me; I approach recording all music the same way I approach recording my own, with the patience and diligent attention to detail required to create something honest and beautiful.

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2015 Heathen Call