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Expect a timely reply but please keep in mind that Heathen Call is an operation of 1.75 or so person(s). We get behind at times!

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Bellow is a list of contacts for the charities:

Please mention Michael Serpe as well as Heathen Call​ in your inquiry since donations are made under both depending on the method of payment.

Polinator Pathway: Sarah Bergmann

YouthCare: Yvette (206) 694-4500 -

No More Deaths: Catherine Gaffney 520-333-5699

Hospice of the Valley: Donation Dept. 602-530-6992

Out Now:

Zach Miller- A Grave of Rain

Marmot vs. Mammoth - self titled L.P.

Cyril Barrett Tribute

SERPE- Slow Set of Track

Coming Soon:

Heathen Call is relocating! More good stuff coming your way in 2016!


Joey Burns of Calexico

Laura Viers

Marmot vs. Mammoth

2015 Heathen Call